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21S1313S Guided City Tour for learners of English - Johannis cemetery

Zeitraum Sa., 07.08.2021  - meeting point: Nuremberg, Johannis cemetery, east side
Kursgebühr 7,50 €
Dauer 1x
Kursleitung Charlotte Scheffler

Mrs. Scheffler is a teacher at our vhs as well as a professional tour guide for English groups. Today she will guide you through Nuremberg - in easy English. We will hear about the history of places we already know and see the city through a tourists eyes - in English. (You should be at B1 - about 8 semesters of English at the vhs)

Mrs. Scheffler will talk about several tombs at the Johannis - cemetery in easy English. The tombs tell about life and work in Nuremberg in the 16th an later centuries. Many of the great citizens are buried her - e.g. Albrecht Dürer. It's an extraordinary cemetery - outstanding in all Europe.

Zu diesem Kurs sind keine Orte verfügbar.
10:30 - 12:00 Uhr
meeting point: Nuremberg, Johannis cemetery, east side