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21S1307S Guided City Tour for learners of English- Nuremberg Old Town

Zeitraum Sa., 31.07.2021  - meeting point: Nuremberg, Beautiful Fountain (Schöner Brunnen)
Kursgebühr 7,50 €
Dauer 1x
Kursleitung Charlotte Scheffler

Mrs. Scheffler is a teacher at our vhs as well as a professional tour guide for English groups. Today she will guide you through Nuremberg - in easy English. We will hear about the history of places we already know and see the city through a tourists eyes - in English. (You should be at B1 - about 8 semesters of English at the vhs)

On our way we will see the hospital to the Holy Spirit, the hangman's bridge, Weißgerbergasse, the church of St.Sebald, the townhall, the Beautiful Fountain and finish with the "Männleinlaufen" at 12 o'clock.

Zu diesem Kurs sind keine Orte verfügbar.
10:30 - 12:00 Uhr
meeting point: Nuremberg, Beautiful Fountain (Schöner Brunnen)